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Welcome to Arulmigu Soundararaja Perumal Temple,Thadikombu,Dindigul.

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About in Temple :

This temple in Thadikombu, a beautiful village 10 km south of Dindigul, is considered to be as sacred as the Kallazhagar Temple near Madurai. Arulmighu Soundarraja Perumal is found in the sleeping posture in this temple and it is said this place was previously known as Thaalamaapuri. Though it is a Vaishnava temple, the sthala vriksha is the vilva tree. Near the river Kudaganaru, sage Mandugar was doing penance. Thalaasuran, a demon, tried to spoil the sage’s efforts. Lord Azhagar from Thirumaliruncholai (Azhagar temple) destroyed the demon and protected the sage’s penance. The sage prayed to the Lord to stay and bless the devotees and so Azhagar gives darshan as Soundarraja Perumal in this temple. This temple is supposed to be as important as the Azhagar temple near Madurai and history states that it was built 500 years ago by Achutha Devarayar of the Vijayanagar Empire.

The Swarna Aakarsha Bairavar here is believed to solve people’s economic problems.The sculptures in this temple speak of the artistic skill of the builders and it is surprising to see even minute details like the nail tip, muscles, nerves and eyelashes sculpted with such finesse.Chithirai Tiruvizha is celebrated for five days in an elaborate manner and thousands participate in the ten-day Aadi Pournami Peruntiruvizha.

The temple, enjoying equal respect and importance as the Kallazhagar temple in Madurai, is believed to have been built 500 years ago by Atchuda Devarayar, a descendant of Krishna Deva Raya.

Greatness Of Temple :

Those weak in education, suffering from lack of memory pray to Lord Hayagriva and Mother Saraswathi gracing from their shrines in the Prakara. On Tiruvonam star day, they perform special pujas to Lord Hayagriva with honey, coconut and a nivedhana made of jaggery powder and ghee and cardamom garlands.

There is a separate shrine for Lord Dhanvanthari. On new moon days, abishek is performed with oil and herbal paste known as Lehiyam. Chakarathalwar graces with deities attributed to Gayatri Mantra. Lord Narasimha graces with Ashtalakshmis. There are also shrines for Vishwaksenar, Twin Vinayaka, 10 incarnation forms of Lord Vishnu, Lakshmi Narasimha, Venugopala, Anjaneya and Swarna Bhairava.

Sculptures of exquisite beauty:

The temple may well be called a treasure house of Indian sculptures of rare workmanship. They speak volumes. Mother Soundaravalli graces from a separate shrine. Lord Vinayaka and Vishnu Durga and deities of prosperity – Sanganidhi and Padmanidhi graces at Her shrine. Mother’s shrine may well be called a museum of sculptures. The sculptures include Lord Vishnu measuring the three worlds, Lord Narasimha, Vaikundanathar, Venugopala, Lord Vishnu on Gaurda, Anjaneya carrying Lord Rama on his shoulders, Chakarathalwar, Oordhvathandavar (cosmic dance of Lord Shiva), Oordhvakali, Akora Veerabadra, Rathi and Karthaveeryarjuna.



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